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Study in UK – Living Costs Fee Structure & Visa Processing

Check the estimated fee structure, living costs, traveling expenses and apply for the United Kingdom’s (UK) student Visa from Pakistan to study abroad in renowned educational institutions of England. Every other day the wannabes among commonality in Pakistan feel determined to move towards the better scholastic path, for the sake of auroral future, however, it is not a cinch as it appears to be, there are numerous requirements to be met to earn wings. Despite the fact, hundreds and thousands of dominant educational institutes offer various courses for international students as well as the local community. So in order to make ways toward world’s leading educational institutions of United Kingdom, there are several things to be brought under consideration and followed by the individuals to meet the standards and get into the renowned institutes; however, it does not involve rocket science yet not that facile. Individuals opt to move toward the western nations nowadays, the reason behind is their flourishing and robust economy with better opportunities after the completion of the educational courses, in conjunction, the certifications, diplomas, and degrees accomplished in the western world momentarily hold immense influence, globally.

Your OptionsSo in order to get into the ocean, the individuals are required to make choices betwixt the courses they are interested in and are keen to pursue the career with, it would be better to choose the curriculum that matches the previous qualification. All the courses comprise of different fee schedule let them be the certifications, diplomas or degrees, the fee structure varies from course to course, that will be discussed further in detail, so wrap your head around. Students are often required to make an online application and apply for the desired course in the academic institutes, withal, some universities and colleges demand upfront payment for the fees and the rest after the visa has been granted or per semester. The key recommendation is to make an application earlier than the required period,  to avoid inconvenience if the application process is delayed, howbeit, most of the requests are processed within three weeks, again there are chances that it may take longer than expected for some reasons, recurrently.
Visa ProcessingUK Visa Applications are managed by Gerry’s international, however, they are not at all involved in the visa granting process, the applicants are required to submit the application form along with the required documents, which are then sent further to UK visas and immigration for further investigation and decision. Afterward, the applicant is informed to collect the passport when it is ready for collection from the Gerry’s International where the application was submitted. There is a parcel facility for applicants to receive the Passport at the doorstep, saves the traveling hassle for the applicants who are not residing in the same city as Gerry’s franchise office, per contra, this incurs extra charges on top of the mandatory application fee, nothing comes free!. Keep it in the mind that up till this point it is necessary to be enrolled in the course and procure the Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies(CAS) letter from the relevant institute, as it is required to be submitted along with the supporting documents as a proof of confirmation of admission.

Study in UK – Living Costs Fee Structure & Visa Processing

Where to BeginAs mentioned above, the students are required to choose the course to enroll in, afterward select betwixt the institutions they aim to get in, well! never to take this step at the drop of a hat. Multiple courses are available to pick from. Moreover, some of the student visa types ponder upon the age and limit of the visit according to the course.

Applicants may choose whether they would like to have a go at:

  • Certification.
  • Diploma.
  • Language courses.
  • Graduation Degree.
  • Masters degree.
  • Summer courses.

The fields mentioned above are then further classified into distinctive categories like “certifications” might include Accounting certifications like CIMA, ACCA, AAT, Professional, short courses, language and several other courses. Similarly, the diplomas and degrees are offered in multiple subjects. Undergraduates may aspire for several disciplines including, Legal studies, Science, computers, engineering, medical and much more. We are all aware of how extensive and vast field it is, and it is near to impossible to describe every single course. Above all, the key factor required to get into any institution is the Secure English Language test (SELT) in case of course under degree level at the higher education institution or tier 4 sponsor which is not a higher education institute. There is a list of approved tests and test centers available online and you may consult with it before taking the test. Once you have chosen the right course and institute glide towards the official website to gather further information about the mandatory aspects of successfully fulfilling the application.

The applicant needs to keep it in mind to show the proof of financial aid to support the educational funding; the funds are compelled to be available in the relevant bank account at least 28 days before the application submission. Access the official site of UK government for Visas and immigration; you will be made aware about the visa type you are required to apply for, subsequently, choose the duration of the visit whether it will be within six months or longer. So if it is less than six month, you will be entailed to apply for Short-term Study Visa, and if it is longer than you will be required to make an application under Tier 4(General) Student Visa, there is also a Child Study Visa category if you fall under the age of 18.

Short-Term Study Visa


  • The program has to be a short course (6 Months or less in duration).
  • The applicant is outside of European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.
  • Got admission in the institution successfully.
  • Have adequate funds to support your studies expenses.
  • Posses a residential facility.

Required documents:

  • Valid passport and documents of identification
  • Proof of funds i-e Bank statements or payslips for last six months
  • Tuberculosis test
  • Letter from the institution regarding the confirmation of the admission
  • IELTS result card

However, if the applicant is under 18, different implication and requirements are to be fulfilled in order to travel to the UK on Short-Term Study Visa.

Under 18 traveler require:

Written proof from Parents or guardian allowing to travel alone along with contact details and complete information about the person the traveler intends to stay with. In case the child is accompanied by an adult, the applicant is obliged to mention them in the visa application will comprehensive details, with this it becomes mandatory to travel along with them, or else entry in the UK will be canceled.

Tier 4 (General) Student Visa


  • Age above 16
  • English Language proficiency
  • Not from European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland
  • Proof of funds to accommodate yourself
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for studies (CAS) letter

Documents Required:

  • Valid and current Passport
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself
  • Tuberculosis test result card

The amount of £348 has to be paid if the application is being made from outside The UK and if there are any dependants along with the applicant £348 has to be paid additionally for each person.

Health Surcharge:

The applicant is required to pay health surcharge prior making an online application, however those who intend to submit the application through premium service center are obliged to pay for it on the booking of appointment, application made through post also necessitate the health surcharged to be paid upfront, using debit or credit card for the respective application procedures. However, the students entail paying £150 Health surcharge every year.

Duration of the stay:

Students are obligated to arrive in the UK at least one week before for the course with six months or less duration, howbeit, the courses for six months or longer, students are instructed to be there at least a month before the commencement of the course. The students under this visa type do not have access to public funds, cannot work in professional fields and are not allowed to get the education at the maintained schools. However, they have full freedom to study in the course enrolled, extend their stay and work legally according to the instructions by visa granting authority.

Note: Processing time is 14 days.

Tier 4 (Child) Student Visa

This visa type is specifically for students under the age of 17 and above four willing to study in the UK. The application must be submitted before completion of 6 months after receiving the CAS letter, and the applicant can extend the stay and study at the independent school. For those who are over 16 years of age are eligible to work 10 hours per week during term time and full-time during off-term; however, no self-employed and the professional job can be done under this visa type. No dependents are allowed under this visa type; the parents are required to apply via Parent of Tier 4 (Child) Visa if they are willing to join the child.


  • Capable of funding the course
  • Authorization of parents
  • Not from European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) Letter

Visa Application Cost: £348 outside the UK

Health Surcharge: £150 per year

Documents Required:

  • Valid Passport
  • Proof of permission and relationship with parents or legal guardian
  • Tuberculosis test
  • Details of financial support

Note: Processing time is 3 Months

Once the online application form has been duly completed, an appointment is required to be made to conclude the submission process which is the Biometrics verification process. The applicants for Tier 4 (General) Student visa will also undergo an interview process along with the application submission and biometrics. The appointment above can be made online by visiting: www.vfsglobal.co.uk. The biometrics are taken at Gerry’s International located in the few cities across the country including:


  • Karachi

43/1/D, Razi road PECHS, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi


  • Lahore

20, Ex American Centre Building, Opp. Ganga Ram Hospital Queens Road


  • Mirpur


Nau Mahal Plaza, Near Foot Ball Square, Defense Road


  • Islamabad


14-B, Sadiq Plaza, G9 Markaz


There are assured chances that the expenses incurred on the study visa and other purposes that accommodate the students to pursue a standard lifestyle while studying in the UK, being an underdeveloping nation it may be a challenging task for those willing to move abroad for studies as the living and education costs are way more than Pakistan. Being a robust economic nation the United Kingdom is far ahead; similarly, the lifestyle is advancing in the same proportion.

Traveling costs:

The foremost reasons to incur the expenses are the visa application fee and the health surcharge discussed above in a brief manner, however, once the visa has been granted, the requisition of travel ticket comes next. As the student has planned to go abroad to study, there will be no dire need to purchase a two-way ticket, as there are minor possibilities to visit back home at the earliest possible moment. One way tickets cost way cheaper than the two-way tickets. Obviously, they add only one-time traveling costs. Conjointly, the air-tickets tariff elevates when the term time begins or ends, as the high number of students travel interim. One Way ticket may cost around £200 to £400 including direct or indirect flight fares

Living cost:

The very next thing you look forward to is your residential place to stay over during the stay; it is not hidden at all the UK has comparatively high priced properties to offer, well! It means the rents and rates won’t be low. Nonetheless, it is recommended to share the apartments along with other students, which is the only cheapest solution. Areas closer to the central location or near the town centers cost way more than those far off; however, it is suggested to live out of the expensive areas. It approximately costs around a £1000 to £1200 per month to be a tenant of an apartment, anyways if you are lucky enough to find some friends to share the living costs, that’s amazing. Withal, the single rooms may incur the charge around £500 to £700 per month. Over and above the university accommodations are way cheaper as compared to the rooms and apartments available outside of the premises of the institution; also the properties closer to the universities cost more than usual.

Studies expense:

The primary concern for the international students is the cost of the educational institutions were they desire to get educated from in the future; there are diversified fee structures presented by every institution. Fee schedules vary from program to program, certification and diplomas are comparatively low at costs, also because they are not offered for the more extended period. Albeit the undergraduate or masters courses take a good time to accomplish, these courses cost around £9000 per annum. Howbeit, the top universities charge way more than the average fee structure. The Medical school, on the other hand, is quite expensive and costs around £18000 for the first few years and it exceeds in number for final years for. Momentarily the rules and regulations necessitate that the applicant must have  £12,180/annum in the bank account to cope with the living expenses.

Moreover, various minor expenses are required to be met when you are studying; there are several needs to be fulfilled not only in the UK but anywhere in the world you opt to study. Like, phone bills, food, and the travel costs, if you live somewhere other than university accommodation, as residing at a distance from the educational institution, will incur the daily commuting costs. Further, those who live outside of university hostel or halls will have to arrange food and necessities, all by themselves.

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