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10 Best Online Jobs From Home With No Investment

Online Jobs are very important to be considered now, as  online business is expending its horizons. So this is a good opportunity to start a job from home and earn money online to pay your bills or to afford a good living.

This article is to urge and convince students, retired personnel, moms and females (who cannot afford to go outside in search of jobs) to know the earning potential of “10 Best Online Jobs From Home”. Even folks with full time jobs are also welcome to earn some extra money online.

10 Best Online Jobs From Home With No Investment

There are many trustable ways, following which you can earn more than what you expect. But as a matter of fact JobsWorld.PK online jobs portal, intends to deliver enough knowledge, so a newbie can earn more than RS. 15,000 to RS. 50,000 monthly. See: 2016’s Top Online Data Entry Jobs From Home.

Reason to Believe JobsWorld.PK Online Jobs:

There is a famous terminology in law “Reason to Believe” which means if there is sufficient cause and no reason left not to believe, than there is a strong reason to believe what circumstances say. Keeping that in mind, JobsWorld’s online jobs portal is based on a some strong reasons, which we are about to list in section below.

  • Our suggested jobs, require no investment.
  • We have years of experience as evident from the fact that, you are reading this article right now.
  • We provide only trusted and reliable ways to make money online.

Online jobs from jobsworld pk 2016

10 Best Online Jobs From Home:

1 – Blogging:

Blogging is one of the most important ways to earn money online from home. There are plenty of ways to generate some extra income this way.

All you need to do is, buy a web hosting on low cost (Minimum 1 $ Per month) and a domain. Start your WordPress blog by selecting the niche you are interested in.

Best thing to do is, write about the topic, which you feel most interesting and appealing to you. Keep writing regularly (at least 1 hour per day). Within few days people start visiting your blog and this is the time to put some ads by Google Adsense or any other Pay Per Click company you are interested in. And you will be paid for every click to ads so published by your blog.

Blog is one of the most profitable online work, but it needs commitment and consistency. Many people (to whom i personally know in Pakistan) have earned million of dollars with Blogging. I remember in my first year of blogging i earned around 2 million PKR (I made and sold my blog which was earning around 60,000 PKR Monthly), that’s why even after 5 years i’am still here and writing about mine experience..

If you need any help, drop us an email, we would be glad to help you and free of cost.

Visit out Online Jobs Portal Here.

2 – Get Paid for Viewing Ads:

Ads clicking or viewing is another good option to earn some quick bucks within a shorter period of time. Although viewing advertisements with PTC site’s for one or half of minute won’t let you get rich but it would be helpful to get some consistent income.

Mechanism goes as, Richest companies doesn’t bother is spending millions of dollars in advertising their products. So when we see their product after getting register at any PTC website, we also get paid just for viewing ads.

Best PTC website is ClickSense, while for other’s consider visiting ptc-investigation which would reveal other paying websites.

Visit out Online Jobs Portal Here.

3 – Online (Micro Jobs) Small Tasks:

There are plenty of websites, offering small tasks or micro jobs for users. All you need to do is, find the list of such site’s in Google and start working on them today.

Such sites are usually offering minute tasks for users, which take a minute or less to finish. By completing such small tasks a user can earn around 100$ to 300$ monthly.

Mturk.com is one of the most reliable one.

4 – Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing although a bit difficult but an inspiring one. We put affiliate marketing directly related to blogging.

You may opt for a blog targeting sales for a specific niche. Place some items from advertiser on your blog for selling and get your share on each and every sale. Bit Difficult??? Nothing much , because some third party companies can bring you products from different merchants and all you need to do is, put such offers on your blog and whenever a sale happens, get your commission.

Some reliable affiliate websites are Commission Junction, ShareAsale, Amazon and Clickbank.

Affiliate marketing has a huge earning potential if a blog is properly monetized with sale coupons, concession offers and discount deals, people would rush to buy such products via your blog only, resulting in a good commission for you.

5 – Selling At Flippa.Com:

Flippa.com is a place where one can sell out a blog, website or a domain.

Whenever any blog or domain is submitted to Flippa.com, its straightaway up for selling and people start bidding. So as a website, blog is getting some traffic and earning for its owner, its good option to auction it on on Flippa to a desired price.

Recently a Pakistani guy has sold his blog for 10 Million Pakistani Rupees. And there are a lot more such examples where people sell their blogs and websites within few days for good amount. But for that you must be in possession of a reasonable website.

6 – Article Writing:

Article writing in an art. Nobody was born an expert writer. Writing skills are some of the mandatory skills to be acquired, if you want to earn a good income this way.

But as i said above, writing improves by writing consistently and with dedication. A lot of websites when they grow up large, they need to hire writers for updating their website or blog’s content. This creates an opportunity for novice writers to test their skills and get paid.

Even we have hired some people for us to write. By performing writing tasks, one can earn between 15,000 PKR to 50,000 PKR quite easily, if you are committed with it.

Visit out Online Jobs Portal Here.

Now question is, where to find article writing jobs.??? and the answer is rather quite simple. you may contact any successful website owner and offer them daily articles. I’am sure they would hire you if you can write they way they desire.

Some of good websites where you can surely find such writing assignments are Fiverr, Freelancer ,Odesk and Elance. Join then and make money now.

7 – Get Hired (Freelancing):

Freelancing is another important way to grab some extra bucks. Freelancing comprises tasks that your principal wants you to complete.

There are some conventional websites where you can get hired for performing different tasks which include, Writing, image editing, logo designing, videos creation, Facebook likes, SEO services and such others.

Again Elance, Fiverr, Odesk and Freelancer.com are the best places to find freelancing opportunities.

8 – Direct Selling:

Direct selling is a significant way for online earning, which can’t be neglected. If you literally own a shop, any brand related business, you can sell products by introducing them on a blog or website.

Direct selling has a huge earning potential which is unexpected and depends upon the campaign you setup.

Some of the most successful examples are Daraz.pk, Kamyu.pk and Alibaba.com.

9 – Captcha Filling:

Captcha filling is a simple way to test typing speed and to earn money online from home. All you need to do is, put that image which appears in column provided and hit next.

Captcha writing speed is tested by calculating key depressions per hour and money is paid relative to how man words are typed and captcha’s are entered in an hour. It depends upon the rate of companies.

There are many free sites where captcha filling opportunities can be found  a few famous among them are, MegaTypers, CaptchaTypers, Captcha2Cash, 2Captcha and Kolotibablo.

10- Online Data Entry:

Data Entry Jobs in Pakistan comprises different work assignments which includes, copy paste and forms filling. Many companies claim to provide data entry jobs by getting people registered with them on cost. Mostly they fall scam sooner of later.

Best place to find data entry jobs is Google. Or those opportunities which are advertised by reputable Governmental or Non-Governmental organizations.

Some of the free places to look for reliable Data Entry work is Freelancer, Elance, Odesk (Upwork) and Fiverr.


We advise our viewers to pick any among above mentioned Online Jobs to test their interest with. You may opt for more than one ways to earn online and can test which suits your capabilities and skills.

Visit out Online Jobs Portal Here.

Any suggestion form our side is free. An email to [email protected] or contact via Contact Form would be appreciated. Comments section below is also a place to drop your query…..Stay Tuned to JobsWorld.PK Online Jobs 2016.


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